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“We have a Short Term, Small Dollar Loan product that serves as a payday lender alternative called our Smart Choice Loan. Our product is designed to help members who need a small dollar loan for emergency situations, ideally until they receive their next regularly scheduled income check. Our goal is to educate members on wise financial management and budgeting so that the need for such emergency loans diminishes over time. Our maximum amount is $550.00 for a period of 30 to 90 days, and we allow no more than 3 Smart Choice Loans in any rolling six month period. We do require the individual to take a financial education session upon the third request.”

“We have two high school branch offices located in Louisville at Southern High School and Doss High School. These are fully operational credit union branches ran by high school students. We host a summer intern program every year for 25 students entering the Class Act Academy of Business & Finance. New this year, we have added a High School Coordinator (a paid CU employee) at each location to oversee financial education and marketing students assigned to the program.”

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